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All of 2023

We enjoyed another year in San Miguel de Allende.  Of note this year, Deb took watercolor classes and we commissioned a large watercolor of our granddaughter to be done.  We presented it to her during our trip back to Atlanta in October.  It was amazing.  We also adopted a new puppy that we named Lucy.  We continue to be overwelmed with the number of friends we are making and the events were are attending. 

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All of 2022

A year of living in San Miguel de Allende and we're not looking back.  Life is great!  We are meeting such interesting people here and our social life if anything is way to much for a couple of home bodies like us.  We did get a car this year which makes our move to Mexico even better.   Lindsey and Michael sold their condo and purchased a beautiful home in Indian Hills.  Deb and I helped them pack and unpack which I know was a big help to them.  Oh, and Deb and I celebrated our 70th birthdays!


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All of 2021

This was a big year. We moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and I retired, hopefully for the last time.  We adopted a new dog we named Karma and like all our pets before, it changed our lifes.

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All of 2020

This was the year of the Covid Pandemic which changed the world.  It resulted in major changes in the work place where employees including me were allowed to work remotely.  It lead to Deb and I moving to Atlanta to be closer to our family and eventually me retiring so we could move to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a dream we had had for a very long time.

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All of 2019

We took a major step after a two week vacation in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  We purchased a condo. Wow, are we crazy?

Camping our at Redtop Mountain State Park with Parks
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All of 2018

We spent the year making our new home in Hoover our own.

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All of 2017

I was not to old to go back to work.  I got a job at UAB Medical as a Senior Analyst in Birmingham, Alabama.  Our niece got married. And, we started looking to buy a home in Birmingham. We also purchased a bungalow in Hoover, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham.

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All of 2016

We said good-bye to the RV life and decided to move to Destin, Florida.

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All of 2015

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All of 2014

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All of 2013

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All of 2012

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All of 2011

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All of 2010

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All of 2009

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All of 2008

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All of 2007

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All of 2006

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Prior to 2006






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